About Us


Kyosiga Community Christian Association for Development (KACCAD) was registered in Uganda as a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) in 1994. For 20 years KACCAD has been widely recognized in Uganda and abroad for excellence in local programming.

KACCAD is deeply committed to improving the standard of living of all community members through careful needs assessments, efficient interventions including the provision of primary and secondary education for orphans and vulnerable children, HIV/AIDS health support and sensitization, reproductive health services, and the ongoing support of income generating activities and life skill development.

KACCAD was originally started as a women’s development group. It has since expanded to meet the needs of other vulnerable community members, including orphans and vulnerable children, women, people living with or affected by HIV/AIDS, and those with disabilities. The core strength of KACCAD is its excellent understanding of the communities it serves and its practical approach to finding solutions to community problems. This strength is rooted in the fact that KACCAD’s volunteer staff is part of these same communities.


KACCAD depends on the expertise of full-time personnel and other technical, part-time support, and volunteer support. KACCAD also is supported by the local governments of Wakiso and Mpigi Districts, partnerships with 25 community-based organizations (CBO’s) in these districts, international non-government organizations(INGO’s), individual donors, donor agencies and international volunteers.

Our Vision

Is for the vulnerable communities in the Wakiso District to be empowered and self-sufficient with their health, education and income generation needs met.


Our Mission

To raise the living standards of the underprivileged people in Wakiso District through the provision of  ongoing HIV/AIDS, health and education support, vocational skills development, and start-up resources for income generation.

Our Goals

  • By 2017, women, youth and OVCs in Wakiso Sub-County and surrounding communities will have increased access to quality HIV/AIDS counseling and testing and health related education and support services.
  • By 2017, at least 550 presently out of school OVCs in Wakiso district and surrounding communities will receive school sponsorship and education support.
  • By 2017, low-income earners, HIV/AIDS infected and affected families, teen mothers and people with disabilities living in Wakiso District will have increased access to skills development opportunities and income generation projects.
  • By 2017, all resident in Wakiso District will have greater access to safe water and sanitation improving overall community health.
  • By 2017 at least 3 Orphanages affiliated to KACCAD will have access to enough infrastructure, food security, scholastic materials and other basic necessities met.