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  • Let There Be Light International serving the last mile energy poor communities

    In January 2018, KACCAD was privileged to have distributed 275 lights to students and handicapped in Wakiso and Gomba districts with a grant provided by our partner Let There Be Light International. 150 pico lights allocated to VIPs were distributed during physiotherapy mobile clinics in Gomba and Wakiso districts.

    In January 2018, KACCAD was awarded yet another grant which was used to solar electrify Kagogo Health Center II and Kabigi Health Center II in Bukomansimbi district.

    We are thankful yet again for a grant to electrify two health clinics in Kyankwanzi district furnished by our partner Let There Be Light International. This project implementation is to commence in the first week of April 2018.

    We are also more appreciative of a grant from the Rotary Club of Moorestown for purchase and distribution for the Solar Schools Uganda project. Beneficiary schools Include:-Nabukalu primary school and Buloba Church of Uganda primary school in Wakiso district.

    And two schools in Bukomansimbi district which include:- Hope Junior School Summer and Junior Academy, Bulenge Muslim primary school. The implementation of this project is to start on 26th March to the 30th March 2018. We are very privileged to distribute the 550 pico lights to students and teachers in these schools.

                                                             #A little light can go along way

     This month our outreach Educator Caroline Mwebaza published a blog post about Ninsiima Sarah a handicapped child living in Katale village,Seguku parish,Wakiso district. Read More

  • IHI International Support Vital Health Interventions for Children with neurological and physical challenges

    IHI provided crucial medical care for several critically ill children over the past 4 months. In September 2017, Farouk Kasumba, a 6-month-old boy living with hydrocephaly was operated on and treated at Cure Hospital. He is doing well. In November 2017, James Kyomugisha, an 8-year-old child from the Hoima District living with hydrocephaly, received help from IHI. Kirabo Shirat, a 3-month-old child living with hydrocephaly from Kawempe, Kampala District also received care at Mbale Cure Hospital. Finally, Jane Nabyoto, a 17-year-old girl with a severe bone abnormality, was sponsored by IHI International and Gogonya community members to receive leg prosthesis at CORSU Hospital.

  • Faith Children Foundation Christmas party

    On 12th December 2017, We were grateful for a donation made by Courtney Fog Henritze and Tyler Henritze to sponsor Faith Children Foundation Christmas party. The party was organized on 24thDecember and was attended by 120 children and guardians. Kids entertained the attendees and had a lot of food and fun. The couple also sent along monies to the mother of Patience, a child they sponsor, to purchase gifts for Patience and other kids in her family.

  • IHI International volunteers- January 2017 Visit to KACCAD made an outstanding impact

    IHI International volunteers- January 2017 Visit to KACCAD made an outstanding impact Jessica Stelma, Steve Cole stock, Heather Blevins also known as ‘‘Doctor B’’ from the USA led by founder president “Christopher Micheal Tabakin of IHI International visited Uganda in the second week of January 2017.

    Their visit to Uganda was greatly productive as ‘‘Doctor B’’ a Physio therapist evaluated and offered physio therapy training for handicapped children and adults in Gomb a and Wakiso district. The first of the mobile therapy clinic was held at KACCAD medical center in Gomba district, later a two day therapy class was held at Kikaaya vocational school in Wakiso, a one day therapy class was held at Kitawuluzi-Buloba, Wakiso district and then the last therapy class was held at Kyebando, Wakiso. These were followed by home visits to handicapped children’s households those that had missed therapy classes in the parishes of Ssumbwe and Nsangi in Wakiso district.

    While Doctor B was evaluating and offering physio therapy to handicapped persons, the rest of the team helped with data entry and then Steve Cole stock and Jessica Stelma who had a great dea of insights and were overwhelmingly knowledgeable about business held leadership and management workshops and visited a few of the attendees’ group projects in Wakiso.

    During their stay IHI International procured 25 mobility tools including strollers, walkers and wheel chairs distributed to handicapped children and adults in Wakiso and Gomba district in that month of January 2017. A handicapped child ‘‘Waldah’’ was bought shoes to ease her mobility and many more were given braces, mafos and other equipment. IHI International paid rent for a family of a child with hydrocephaly that had been thrown out of their rented shelter by the land lord and covered transportation to Mbale Cure for Tinka Akmal a child with hydrocephaly.

    In addition to that support IHI International provided funds that enabled hiring of a trainer for the VIP Sew Much project, left funds which were used to procure a few materials for the VIP project, funded building and fixing of crutches for handicapped persons, hired women at VIP project to make cushions for the wheel chairs and also funded evaluation and treatment expenses for a child with hydrocephaly ‘‘Regina Namubiru’’ to Mbale cure hospital, unfortunately Regina passed away last month, May 2017 RIP.

    On 18th February 2017, IHI International provided funds that were used to pay VIP Sewing rent for 6 months, supported leg prosthesis for 6 year old girl Sheebah Kalungi’s who was able to get an artificial leg, facilitated Serena’s evaluation and treatment a little girl with a foot that had turned in and also facilitated surgery and treatment for John Senkima. IHI International resumed paying school fees for Angel Nambooze a girl who would not walk but not walks courtesy of IHI International’s support.

    On 16th May 2017, We were thrilled and blessed yet again with a grant from IHI International for the extension of rent for the VIP sewing project, one time purchase of raw materials to scale up production and also for procuring additional equipment at the project.

    Thank you for that profound act of generosity for VIPs in Uganda.


  • Swedish news papers reporting on KACCAD project

    Though we have been quiet for sometime, a lot is happening. We are happy to share with you a Swedish News paper reporting on KACCAD’s maternity facility in Gomba district and also a local news paper about a solar distribution to school children at  Kasambya Primary school and Buyanja Preparatory and Nursery School in Gomba.

    Swedish newspaper on Kaccad Maternity


  • 150 solar lights to energy poor households in Wakiso district

    On 22nd October 2016, ABV Corp Hannah Kraus and Monica Taggart, KACCAD team of field officers and KACCAD Executive director donated pico solar lights to 150 vetted recipients whom comprised of new mothers, elderly, school children and handicapped belonging to off grid households. These lights were distributed in the villages of Gogonya, Bulaga and Bulenga.

  • Support to a triplet mother

    In October, 2016 Victoria Foss made a donation to Nantume Zainah a 24 year old, a new triplet mother and mother of five children, a resident of Kiriri Trading centre in Gomba district following her misfortune as her family was abandoned by the husband in the hospital after hearing news of birth of the triplets. This contribution was received by KACCAD and provided to the triplet mother to meet the nutrition and dietary needs of the households and paying rental arrears. KACCAD has a plan to start up an income generation kiosk for this disadvantaged family.To make this happen,we need to raise 800 USD dollars. Please you are welcome to make your donation.

  • Solar lights distribution with LTBLI president and board member,September 2016

    In the month of September, KACCAD was blessed to host the president of LTBLI Sarah Baird and a board member Ben Kerman. On their visit they brought with them a portable projector donated by them for KACCAD’s usage during trainings or conferences, and also brought three tablet computers and solar charger donated by a board member of LTBLI.

    During a week stay with KACCAD they were engaged in training of field officers on the usage of tablet computers to do field work. Also they travelled to Gomba district with KACCAD executive Director Luwaga Derrick and Media team of reporters from Bukedde TV and UBC star TV to inspect the health facilities that had been electrified with solar light in the past years. They were later joined by a team of field officers and ABV corps Hannah Kraus and Monica Taggart to distribute pico solar lights to 300 vetted eligible solar recipients the following day at Nsambwe primary school.

    On return from Gomba district, they engaged in selection of best artist in a competition for LTBLI posters. The following day they had a meeting with administrators of Sunny Money Uganda, a social enterprise of Solar Aid accompanied by George Mike Luberenga an Evaluation consultant and outreach educationist, they also bought a wifi router for office and field usage. A day before their departure they travelled with KACCAD director Luwaga Derrick and service staff Siriman Kiryowa to Ngamba Island on a sponsored trip by Sarah and Ben. It was such an enjoyable and unforgettable visit.



  • Solar distribution and health clinic electrification in August, 2016

    The distribution of Pico solar lights to eligible recipients was carried out in Kisoga village, Gomba district. 150 were distributed. The recipients by gender were 108 female and 42 male. By category, the recipients were 82 Home bound elderly persons of whom 5 were also handicapped, 32 New mothers of which 2 were persons with disability, 21 Expectant mothers, and 22 Persons with disabilities (inclusive of the mentioned 2 new mothers and the 5 elderly). This distribution was done by KACCAD field officers, Makerere University Intern Kaduyu Joshua, ABV corps Steven Shin and Britney Abeldt.

    The exercise of solar electrification of health centers was carried out during 16th to 18th August 2016. The health centers were Kanzira Health Center II and Kawerimidde Health Center II. Below is pre-solar electrification information obtained from the two facilities:

    Kanzira Health Center II,this health center is located in Kanzira village, Mpenja Sub County, Gomba district. It is about 8 miles off the grid and has a catchment of 9,634 people. Before the solar electrification intervention the health center was operating 6 days a week and only 12 hours per day. It was using kerosene lamps and battery torch for lighting.

    Kawerimidde Health Center II,this health Center is located in Kitaka village, Kyegonza Sub County, Gomba district. It is about 4 kilometers off the grid and has a catchment of 11,751 people. Before being solar electrified, the health center was operating only 5 days a week and only 10 hours per day. Kerosene lamps and battery torch were being used for lighting.

  • With God’s Little Ones rescues the KACCAD chicken project farm land

    KACCAD extends sincere thanks to With God’s Little Ones in USA for providing a grant which was used to renew the leasehold for the poultry farm land towards the end of may 2016 for 35 years. Special thanks go to the Executive Director Rudy Schaser. KACCAD was about to lose the chicken project as the leasehold for the farm land had expired and there were no funds to renew it. The income generation from the chicken project was very low due to the prevailing poor market of eggs in Uganda. Yet the chicken project is KACCAD’s sustainability initiative from which such funds would have been drawn. As luck came when KACCAD contacted the Executive Director of WGLOs, the response was positive and the project got rescued when KACCAD renewed the leasehold for a continuous period of 35 years. Thank you so much WGLOs for that rescue.