Solar distribution and health clinic electrification in August, 2016



nakitende-shibahThe distribution of Pico solar lights to eligible recipients was carried out in Kisoga village, Gomba district. 150 were distributed. The recipients by gender were 108 female and 42 male. By category, the recipients were 82 Home bound elderly persons of whom 5 were also handicapped, 32 New mothers of which 2 were persons with disability, 21 Expectant mothers, and 22 Persons with disabilities (inclusive of the mentioned 2 new mothers and the 5 elderly). This distribution was done by KACCAD field officers, Makerere University Intern Kaduyu Joshua, ABV corps Steven Shin and Britney Abeldt.

The exercise of solar electrification of health centers was carried out during 16th to 18th August 2016. The health centers were Kanzira Health Center II and Kawerimidde Health Center II. Below is pre-solar electrification information obtained from the two facilities:

Kanzira Health Center II,this health center is located in Kanzira village, Mpenja Sub County, Gomba district. It is about 8 miles off the grid and has a catchment of 9,634 people. Before the solar electrification intervention the health center was operating 6 days a week and only 12 hours per day. It was using kerosene lamps and battery torch for lighting.

Kawerimidde Health Center II,this health Center is located in Kitaka village, Kyegonza Sub County, Gomba district. It is about 4 kilometers off the grid and has a catchment of 11,751 people. Before being solar electrified, the health center was operating only 5 days a week and only 10 hours per day. Kerosene lamps and battery torch were being used for lighting.