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Newsletter August 2017-December 2017

KACCAD applauds every individual effort towards making this year a successful one. We are calling on more partners to join hands with KACCAD such that we can maximize the impact. View this newsletter

Newsletter January 2017-July 2017

KACCAD projects continue to impact the health and educational needs of the less advantaged, thank you to every individual volunteer and partner organization view this newsletter

Newsletter June 2016 to December 2016

KACCAD and Let There Be Light International continue to light off grid energy poor households and rural health clinics. View the news letter

Newsletter September 2015 to June 2016

More than 1,500 portable solar lights were donated and 7 rural health clinics  electrified with complete solar PV systems,with support from Let There Be Light International. Read more of this interesting news.View  the news letter

Newsletter January to August 2015

Sponsored students complete their first degree at the university

It is a honor to share this important moment celebrating the success of Lydia Babirye Nassuna , Luwemba Simon Peter and George Michael Luberenga who have completed their first degrees at the university level. It is our pleasure to thank sponsors who have made this achievement possible for these graduates.

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Newsletter May 2014 to December 2014


The KACCAD team was extremely saddened by the passing away of the principal and founder of Faith Children’s Foundation on December 4th , 2014. Sssebunya Drake succumbed to lung cancer. It t was a huge loss to the KACCAAD family and the community y of Wakiso and Ugan da at large. Drake left a legacy of commitment to education and bettering the lives of vulnerable children.

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Newsletter April 2013 to May 2014


On December 6 th 2013, Faith Children’s Foundation held its first giving of thanks and graduation party, which was presided over by its visiting “Chancellor,”Sarah Baird, a donor and friend from the United States. It was a moment of giving glory and thanks to the Almighty Lord for the success and new developments achieved over the past three years.

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Newsletter August 2012 to April– 2013

This newsletter discusses: The community resource center under construction however not completed and victory at the volunteer house

A view of the completed KACCAD volunteer center Support to the orphanage faith children’s foundation

Thanks to the donors

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Education: Hope for HIV 2006 – 2008

This newsletter narrates a: Story of a peace corps volunteer who worked with KACCAD from September 2006 to November 2008. Volunteer experience working with a CBO situated in Bulenga village

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Newsletter May – 2011

This newsletter discusses: Hope Orphanage in Bulenga Health is Wealth Thankful for Support

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Newsletter First Quarter 2009

This newsletter discusses: Volunteer Centre Update – Phase 3 is in progress 2nd place finish in the Victoria Lake Triathalon Water Project Development Volunteers bring valuable lessons to our School Programs

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Newsletter Fourth Quarter 2008

This newsletter discusses: Lessons from Elizabeth house Meet our Volunteers A Year in a Nut Shell Some Dreams Come True Donations Through GVN The Volunteer Beat

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Newsletter Third Quarter 2008

This newsletter discusses: The Volunteer Beat Women Running Successful Businesses Skills Development in Livelihood and Health Teaching Business Skills Teaching Through Art and Other News Meet our Volunteers

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Newsletter Second Quarter 2008

This newsletter discusses: Leading Wakiso In HIV/AIDS Prevention Providing Support to People Living with HIV/AIDS Teaching Teachers and Learning Through Art A Home for KACCAD Working to Turn a Loss into an Opportunity More than a Drop in the Bucket, The Word on Water

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Newsletter First Quarter 2008

This newsletter discusses: Secondary Education Program New grant for our Sustainable Health Education More success with the our chicken farm project 20 Spring Wells constructed since 2007! Student sponsorship projects Water and Sanitation Developments

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Newsletter Fourth Quarter 2007

This is KACCADs fourth newsletter and discusses: Our home visit program with Bbiira AIDS Community Celebration for 13th Well built in 2007 Real Uganda partnership going strong New founded partnership with Mercy Home Orphanage Animal Rearing projects Water and Sanitation Developments

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Newsletter Third Quarter 2007

This is KACCADs third newsletter and discusses: Grand opening of the Ssumbwe well 7 New wells constructed in September Our new home based counselling & support service. New office and housing location for KACCAD News of our recent international volunteers and their work. New KACCAD volunteers Brittany, Sofia and Amanda at September 7th HIV testing event View the newsletter

Newsletter Second Quarter 2007

This is KACCADs second newsletter and discusses: Completion of a spring well in the Ssumbe Parish Partnership with the Real Uganda NGO Website Launch Our work with the Bbira AIDS Community HIV education project is expanding to reach more schools We Welcome new volunteer Sarah Riley from New York State

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Newsletter First Quarter 2007

This is KACCADs first newsletter and outlines: The work our volunteers have carried out from Dec 06 -Mar 07 The problem of wealthy families buying out poorer families Our focus for 2007 Partnerships with newly founded with AIDS Information Center Water Sanitation

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Art Fundraiser

Art pieces by Amanda Milholland, These are some of the three sold at a recent fundraiser for KACCAD. If people are interested in purchasing a piece of art depicting every day activities in Bulenga, Wakiso they may contact us. We will take photos of available pieces to put on the site for purchase.